Round of 16 Drawing of Lots complete


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 11, 2016 - The official drawing of lots for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Single Elimination Phase was completed on Thursday at the Copacabana beach venue.

The men's draw took place at 21:00 (local time) with the women's completed at 23:30. Results of both draws are below.

The match schedule will be confirmed within one hour of the end of the lucky loser matches, which start at midnight.

Women's Draw

Larissa/Talita (BRA)
Borger/Büthe (GER) vs Pazo/Agudo (VEN)

Meppelink/Van Iersel (NED)
Heidrich/Zumkehr (SUI)

Paven/Bansley (CAN)
Broder/Valjas (CAN)

Forrer/Vergé-Dépré A (SUI)
Ludwig/Walkenhorst (GER)

Walsh Jennings/Ross (USA)
Menegatti/Giombini (ITA)

Kolosinska/Brzostek (POL)
Bawden/Clancy (AUS)

Wang/Yue (CHN)
Agatha/Barbara (BRA)

Hermannova/Slukova (CZE) vs Ukolova/Birlova (RUS)
Elsa/Liliana (ESP)

Men's Result

Carambula/Ranghieri (ITA)
Losiak/Kantor (POL) Vs Nicolai/Lupo (ITA)

Pedro Solberg/Evandro (BRA)
Liamin/Barsuk (RUS)

Semenov/Krasilnikov (RUS)
Jefferson/Cherif (QAT)

Doppler/Horst (AUT)
Diaz/Gonzalez (CUB)

Lucena/Dalhausser (USA)
Huber/Seidl (AUT)

Alison/Bruno Schmidt (BRA)
Herrera/Gavira (ESP)

Virgen/Ontiveros (MEX)
Nummerdor/Varenhorst (NED)

Schalk/Saxton (CAN) Vs  Fijalek/Prudel (POL) 
Brouwer/Meeuwsen (NED)


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