Smashed, tied, revised or still standing: The Records of Rio 2016


Cameroon's Stephanie Fotso proudly stands amongst the Olympic record holders, after she stuffed the Russians eight times in a single match at Rio 2016.

Lausanne, Switzerland, September 8, 2016 - Olympic Records were shattered, tied, revised or simply left standing when the final count of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games was tallied. Here's the full roundup:

After Omega Timing and the Rio 2016 Results Service revised several serving speed records downwards, the women's Olympic Record now stands at 100 kilometres per hour. It was set Serbia's Tijana Boskovic in the semifinal against USA. Earlier, her teammate Brankica Mihajlovic had broken the Olympic Record of 97 kph (twice in London 2012 by Turkey's Neslihan Demir) with a 99 kph rocket against Italy.

After revisions, Serbia's Tijana Boskovic now holds the Olympic serving speed record with 100 kilometres per hour.

In scoring, two performances made it to the "Over 30" list. Korea's Kim Yeon-Koung bagged 30 points in the opening match of Rio 2016 against arch rivals Japan to become only the second player of all time to feature three times in the exclusive club of players who have scored 30 points or more in a single match at the Olympic Games.

Kim Yeon-Koung became the second player in Olympic history to score 30 points or more in a single match for the third time.

And China's Zhu Ting got 33 points in four sets in the Rio 2016 semifinal against The Netherlands to become a new entry in the list.

Kim had previously scored 34 points against Serbia and 32 against China in London 2012.

Russia's Ekaterina Gamova is the only other player that has made the list three times (33 against China and 32 against Brazil in Athens 2004 plus 32 against Italy in London 2012).

The all-time record remains at 37, held by Brazil's Mari Steinbrecher against Russia in Athens 2004.

In other skills, Russia setter Ekaterina Kosianenko served nine aces against Argentina on the opening day of competition. This shattered the Olympic Record of seven in a single match held jointly by Cubans Zoila Barros and Yanelis Santos, both against China in Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008 respecctively.

And Cameroon's Stephanie Fotso joined the record makers when she stuffed her Russian opponents eight times to tie Olympic Record of most blocks in a single match jointly held by Gamova (against the Dominican Republic) and China's Feng Kun (against Russia) both from Athens 2004.

In the men's competition Italy's Ivan Zaytsev tied the serving speed Olympic Record of 127 kilometres per hour in the match against Iran. Another Italian, Christian Savani, together with Germany's Gyorgy Grozer, had also clocked 127 kph serves in London 2012.

And finally, Poland's Bartosz Kurek became a new entry at No. 2 in the list of players to have scored 30 points or more in a single Olympic Games match. The 28-year-old collected 36 points in pool play against Russia - just three shy of the all-time of 39 held by Germany's Gyorgy Grozer from the match against Serbia in London 2012.

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