Russians survive Copacabana chill to advance through pool

Rio de Janeiro, August 10, 2016 – Russia’s Nikita Liamin and Dmitri Barsouk secured their second win at the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games with a 2-0 (21-14, 21-17) victory over Germany’s Markus Bockermann and Lars Fluggen at Copacabana Beach Arena on Wednesday. 

Nikita Liamin, Russia
“We had a good game and put it all together. We made some mistakes in the middle of the second set and it was a nervous game and I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to manage it, but everything was fine and we played clever in the strong wind.”

Dmitri Barsouk, Russia
“It was chilly when we went to warm-up, which was surprising because we are playing in Brazil. Most people were playing in their cold weather clothes, but as the result showed everything was fine and we were stronger.

“We didn’t bring any thermals because we were told we wouldn’t need them in Brazil.

“The tournament has been very unpredictable and we should just play and enjoy how we play.”


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