Ze Roberto praises team for playing the Brazilian way


Ze Roberto is pleased with the performance of his team

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 10, 2016 – Brazil won their third-straight win after they defeated Japan in straight sets to qualify to the quarterfinals of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at Maracanazinho on Wednesday.

Jose Roberto Guimaraes cited that their defence and counter-attacks worked well, which are the major elements of the Brazilian way of play. The coach was satisfied with his team’s performance as they played the way they wanted them to play.

Jose Roberto Guimaraes, coach of Brazil:
We played really well tonight. We did a very good job in defence and block, and counter-attacks. I am very happy that my team played the Brazilian way. Japan served a little bit hard and No.6 (Yurie Nabeya) gave us a lot of problems. We also had a problem in position two, but we still won and this is what’s important for us.

Juciely Barreto, player of Brazil:
Japan had a great game. They were very patient in every play, which made it difficult for us to earn a point. Well, that was the Asian way of play. We prepared differently for each match. Since we are at home, we need to focus on each match and give a different preparation for it.

Masayoshi Manabe, coach of Japan:
Brazil pressured us from the start of the match, so we tried to do our best on serve-reception, that’s why Sakoda and Nagaoka had more attacks. In terms of substitution, I have to use the player that could give the best performance for us. At that point, Nabeya did an amazing job because she has good speed. I also used Tashiro as setter because she did a great job in the third set. 

Saori Kimura, captain of Japan:
We struggled so much to stop their attack in this game, as it would just land either on our front or on the back of our court. We really had a difficult time to block their attacks. We couldn’t find our rhythm.

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