We need to look for our faults - Mauricio Silva


Mauricio Silva of Brazil tries to block Osmany Juantorena of Italy at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 14, 2016 - The Brazilians were doing some soul searching after going down in four sets to Italy, which places them in a must win situation against France on the closing day of men's volleyball pool play at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Italy coach Gianlorenzo Blengini

On preparing for the next match:

"We are very satisfied with the result. Playing against Brazil in Brazil
and winning is aways important, but we have done nothing today, just
(feel) big pride. Now it's very early to say about injuries. We did not
think Emanuele Birarelli would play today and I have to congratulate my
medical staff on that and the other injuries that we will have to

Emanuele Birarelli (ITA)

On the result:

"We are very happy and satisfied. We won against Brazil and we won in
Brazil so that is very important, but it's just a match in the group, it
doesn't count a lot. The important matches are the quarterfinals and
afterwards, but what we did (tonight) we are proud of."

Brazil coach Bernardo Rezende

On the match:

"It was about the physical as much as the experience. Experience is important but physical strength is important too."

On the pressure:

"There's a pressure of course - we are playing in Brazil in front of our
people and (at) the Olympic Games. Big pressure, yes. But what we must
think about is being relaxed, and focus on the matches and try to
transform this pressure and enthusiasm. There is a lot of expectation
from our people but now we must just believe in what we are doing and
relax, stay calm and think only of our next match."

On how he will prepare now:

"In this situation, training is not very easy. Now we just think of
being together and make a group. We must find solutions for the problems
we have. We must have strength, of course, and also some players will
have a very big part now because of that mental strength. Some are more
experienced than others. We must just now prepare and stay calm."

Mauricio Silva (BRA)

On the defeat:
"We need to look for the faults. We need to study and then decide what to do."

On the importance of the result:
"This was just for the classification. The next match is the one before the quarterfinal, this is important."

Bruno Rezende (BRA)

On the defeat:
"The problem is the team is nervous. This is hard for us. We need to open the volleyball, we need to play our game, as we want and how we know. We made the errors of teenagers. We are nervous and there comes mistakes, like teenagers. We lose the head and lose the focus."

On what happens next:
"We need to play and not worry about tomorrow. Focus on today. Today we are stupid for losing this match. We need to train more for technical reasons to do better. We need to stop our nerves in our play. Italy were good against us, they knew what to do."


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