Terzic: We defeated the best team in the world


Serbia''s Zoran Terzic joins the celebration after the historic victory of Serbia

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 18, 2016 – Serbian coach Zoran Terzic praised the prowess achieved by his players after the semifinal victory over United States, a team he considers the best volleyball team in the world right now.

Terzic also highlighted the importance of securing a first ever Olympic volleyball medal for him, Serbian volleyball and all the people in Serbia.

Zoran Terzic, Coach of Serbia: I can’t find words to describe what this victory means for me, for Serbian volleyball and for everyone in Serbia. It is our first Olympic medal which makes us very proud. We have defeated what is the best team in the world now. It is amazing, a 3-2 victory. I am extremely satisfied.

Maja Ognjenovic, Captain of Serbia: We were able to come back in the fifth set when we trailed by three points. I am very proud of my team and this is historic for Serbian volleyball. We will give our best in the finals.

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Tijana Boskovic, Player of Serbia: We managed to find the way of getting the victory. Now we have to keep the calm and prepare for the final match. Now we are dreaming with the gold medal.

Milena Rasic, Player of Serbia: It is an amazing feeling. We have defeated USA, one of the best teams in the world. We will play our hearts out in the next match for the gold medal. I am very proud of my team.

Karch Kiraly, Coach of United States: Serbia played a great match and we also played a great match. After falling to 2-1 we put ourselves in a position to make it possible, but Serbia made great plays in the key moments of the fifth set. 

Christa Harmotto-Dietzen, Captain of United States: Serbia played phenomenal, with great defence. We have some grieving but we will be back together to go after the bronze.


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