Russian Coach Marichev is not completely satisfied


Russia swept Argentina with impressive attacks and serves

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 6, 2016 – Russian Coach Yury Marichev was not completely satisfied with the overall performance of his side following the straight-set win over Argentina and hopes the blocking and general defence can be improved.

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Yuri Marichev, Coach of Russia: I am not satisfied with everything and we can play better than that. We have to prepare better. Also I don’t like to divide teams considering some of them strong or weak. We can improve.

Ekaterina Kosianenko, Captain of Russia: I am very happy with the victory over Argentina. All the players are trying to catch their rhythm and played well today. I hope we can win the tournament and love the atmosphere in the stadium. Our goal is to win the gold medal and satisfy the expectations.

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Guillermo Orduna, Coach of Argentina: The feelings are many after our Olympic debut. We knew we were facing a very strong team that represented a big challenge. After overcoming all those sensations we were getting closer to our game level. In the third set we showed part of it. Despite the difficulties we were able to grow with the match.

Paula Nizetich, Captain of Argentina: I agree with our coach Guillo. I don-t think we showed our real level. We are better than that. Playing our first match affected us today. I hope we can improve for the next match that will be against Brazil.

Tatiana Kosheleva, Player of Russia

On her recovery from injury and how it influenced their first match in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games:

“I feel very good now and I believe that I can contribute a lot to my team in this competition. The first match for all the players is always very nervous, but I am very glad that there were so many people cheering for us here. There are so many Russian people in the crowd who made us very confident in this match.”

On having a different on-court energy and emotion than her team-mates:

“It’s the way I have always been and I really love the atmosphere in volleyball, which makes me show my energy and emotion when I am on the court.”

On her personal goal in Rio 2016:

“I only believe in victory.”


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