Rezende was surprised by velocity of unfamiliar Mexico


After a slow start, Brazilian team hustled until the end against Mexico

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 7, 2006 – Brazilian coach Bernardo Rezende praised the velocity and defence showed by Mexico in their match on Sunday and said the defensive systems of the home team didn’t work properly due to the lack of good serves.

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Bernardo Rezende, Coach of Brazil: Our serves were not effective in the first set and Mexico’s velocity caught us off guard and we were not able to make the adjustments. Our defensive systems didn’t function as consequence of the lack of good serves. Our intention was to play better but the service is an important weapon in today’s volleyball. Now our focus is on Canada which is a great team that can play with the best in the world.

Bruno Rezende, Captain of Brazil: We have never played Mexico before and really enjoyed playing against a team with that velocity and defence. Our defensive system didn’t start very well but we improved from the second set on. Now we have to think in our next match against Canada.

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Jorge Azair, Coach of Mexico: Obviously in the first set we played almost perfect. The difference was the service. They didn’t serve that well and we took advantage with three options as our setter is very good. In the second and third set, they improved their serves and it reduced our options of attack and they were more prepared to block. It was a great experience to play Brazil at home and at the Olympic Games.

Carlos Guerra, Captain of Mexico: We really enjoyed the match and go out with a good taste in our mouths after performing that well against a great team. We had a great motivation playing against a team of the quality of Brazil. To be honest, I think that for the people back in our country and those who travelled to Rio it was a good experience and I am sure that they feel happy. But we will go for more in this tournament.

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Wallace De Souza, Player of Brazil

On the setback in the first set and how they adjusted:

“Mexico played very well in the first set, while we did not do our best out there because our service did not function well. However, we played better in the succeeding sets and we had a lot of aces and our block got tougher. We had to adjust on our attacks in the first set because we did not execute our plays well, but I am glad that we were finally able to convert points on our attacks in the next three sets.”

On playing at home in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games:

“It’s good to have everyone cheering for you, especially your friends and family. I think what’s important in this competition for Brazil is how we treat each situation as a team. There’s no him or me, we should always do it together.”

Ricardo Lucarelli, Player of Brazil

On the setback in the first set and how they adjusted:

“It was a big surprise. We all know that it’s difficult to play the first match in the Olympic Games. We did not serve and block well that’s why they played easily against us. They passed and attacked well in the first set. We had to change our tactics in the next three sets and made some adjustments in our block. After that, we were more relaxed and performed better.”

On playing better in the succeeding sets:

“We talked to each other during the huddle and we encouraged each other to play like we did in the World League. We started to get past that disappointment in the first set and, from then on, we played better for the rest of the match.”

On playing the playing the Olympic Games at home:

“Playing in the Olympic Games is a great feat but playing it at home is even better. Having to play with your family on your side is the best feeling.”


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