Korea coach Lee looks to work on defence


Korea coach Lee Jungchul sees that his team's defence needs more work

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 10, 2016 – Korea coach Lee Jungchul was pleased with his team’s offence but admitted that they still needed more work on their defence after almost losing the third set to Argentina on Wednesday.

Lee Jungchul, coach of Korea:
We are close to the quarterfinals, but we are aware that we still need to look after our next matches. I am glad that Kim Heejin, Yang Hyojin, Kim Yeon-Koung’s did well on offence. However, our reception was very weak, so we will work on our defence and continue to do better.

Kim Yeon-Koung, captain of Korea:
I am very happy for this victory over Argentina. However, we did not do as good as we did against Japan. I will try my best to continue striving for the victories. Our reception was a little bit shaky. We were trying to play at the same level as our opponents and that affected our rhythm. 

We all know that Brazil are powerful opponents and have won consecutive gold medals. So we need to work on our serve and our reception. We all know that Brazil are very strong, so we will try to get through this.

Yamila Nizetich, captain of Argentina:
I think we played well in the second set and we played in the third set better. We did not execute our defence and offence better, so we will try to work on these aspects for our next match.


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