Korea captain Kim sets focus on winning Olympic medal


Korea captain Kim Yeon-Koung sets her focus on winning an Olympic medal

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 14, 2016 – Korea defeated Cameroon in straight sets and captain Kim Yeon-Koung was pleased that the victory would set them in the right path of earning a medal at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Kim Yeon-Koung, Captain of Korea:
We came here for a medal, so it is very important for us to play well in the quarterfinals. There is only one chance there – if we win then we will move on then our Olympic journey is already over. I will give everything in that game.

Cameroon played well and we didn’t expect them to play that way. They really had a good block and they jumped very high. I think they are really good and they can improve more.

Nana Tchoudjang, Captain of Cameroon:
We played our game and it was the end for us in this Olympics. So congratulations to Korea and we are looking forward to the future. We will continue to work and maybe play better than we did here.


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