Kiraly: The Key will be managing adversity


Coach Karch Kiraly shows some emotion in the tie-breaker against Netherlands

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 8, 2016 – The success in the challenging Pool B of the women’s volleyball tournament at Rio 2016 will depend on the ability to manage adversity, said three-time Olympic gold medallist Karch Kiraly, the coach of USA team.

Kiraly commented about the strong quality of the teams competing in Pool B following the five-set victory over the Netherlands on Monday.

Karch Kiraly, Coach of United States: Our pool is so strong that I don’t expect any team to leave undefeated from the first round. We still have to play Serbia, then Italy and then China. I think the key in this pool will be how to manage adversity. We were tested today. The team from Netherlands played great and they are not intimidated.

Giovanni Guidetti, Coach of Netherlands: We played perfect in the first set but USA came back as they were not going to watch us playing. In the third set we got back and in the fourth it was a battle point by point almost until the end. I am satisfied with our performance and I am confident we can play against any team in the world right now.

Foluke Akinradewo, Player of United States: The way we played in the fifth set give us some kind of relief. Our pool is so strong. We really gave a great effort in defence in the tie-breaker and I feel proud of my teammates.

Jordan Larson, Player of United States: We are in the Olympics and there is a lot of competition. It was a real battle and I am glad we were able to put everything together at the end.


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