It will be harder from now on - Sheilla


Sheilla Castro: "It will be harder from now on"

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 13, 2016 - Both Brazil and Korea are already looking forwards after the defending champions beat the Asian side in straight sets on Friday evening women's volleyball action at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games - Brazil to Sunday's match against Russia and Korea to their quarterfinal game on Tuesday.

Gabi Guimaraes (BRA)

On the match:

"We took too many balls outside, we had difficulty in passing. Next we have a difficult match with Russia. We rest now and get ready for that one. It will be difficult but we try to win."

On how she feels about playing Russia in the final pool match:
"I will play the match, doesn't matter which team it is. Playing Brazil is the most difficult match for them. We have a different feeling when we play Russia. We always have trouble with them in the Olympics. We have to play them, get better."

Shellia Castro (BRA)

On her feelings after the win:
"It will be harder from now on. This was a very quick game. We have to think about getting better for after the this round."

On whether it is different playing Russia or USA:
"Playing USA is a great rivalry. The small details decide the matches. We don't think which is better to play, USA or Russia. Have a look at the Brazil fans, they always support us against USA and Russia."

Korea coach Lee Jung Chul

On the match:
"We didn't have to try our best in this match anyway because we had qualified to the quarterfinals regardless of the result. So it's not necessary to feel bad because we lost."

On the quarterfinals:
"Whoever is going to play against Korea is important, therefore I will try my best to focus on that match rather than putting too much effort into our final qualifying match with Cameroon."


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