Giovanni Guidetti hopes Netherlands to top Pool B


Robin De Kruijf and Anne Buijs of Netherlands celebrate after their third win in the Olympic tournament

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 12, 2016 – Giovanni Guidetti, the Italian coach of Netherlands, expects to keep the winning streak when they face Serbia on Sunday with the ultimate goal to take first place of the strong Pool B.

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Giovanni Guidetti, Coach of Netherlands: We are in the quarterfinals which is an amazing result. That achievement, however, do not satisfy our expectations. We are going to try our next match against Serbia, a very strong team, and want to finish atop of our pool. It was very important to get the 3 points today.

Juan Carlos Nunez, Coach of Puerto Rico: The match was not different than the others. They blocked well and played super. We created little problems to them in the second set, but they established their good service at the right time and blocked two balls to win. 

On next match against Italy: 
Italy is also 0-4 like us, but we can’t fool ourselves. They are a strong team. Maybe in the other pool they would be only behind Brazil.

Robin De Kruijf, Player of Netherlands: We are very happy with the straight-set win, we did our job and that’s what we needed. It was not a great game from our side. There was not a lot of tempo in the game. We saw that we did not make the points and we did not push ourselves. Puerto Rico did not give this match as a present for us, but in the end I am happy that we won 3-0.

Lonneke Sloetjes, Player of Netherlands: We had some ups and downs. We had some nice plays and some were not. In the end we managed to play our level and that’s the most important in the Olympics. We have a lot of confidence but we also know that the quarterfinals is just one match. We don’t know if you will go to the top four or in the bottom four.

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Karina Ocasio, Player of Puerto Rico: The Netherlands just dominated us. They served really well and we couldn’t side-out. They read our setter really well because we weren’t receiving well. We were only attacking from the flanks so it was easy for them to set-up the block. The Olympic experience has been great. Even if we haven’t won a game, it has been a great experience for all of us. For some of us, this is our last year with the national team, but we are completely enjoying the experience.

Yarimar Rosa, Captain of Puerto Rico: We are disappointed. We know that they are playing at a different level and they just finished third in the World Grand Prix. We didn’t play our best and we are not advancing to the next round, but we are aiming for one victory in the next match.


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