Close sets against Russia build confidence of Cameroon


Coach Jean Rene Anoko was pleased with the progress of his Cameroon team

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 10, 2016 – Playing close sets despite losing all three against Russia will be a big confidence builder for the Cameroon team and the development of volleyball in the African nation, said the coach Jean Rene Anoko on Wednesday.

Jean Rene Anoko, Coach of Cameroon: Every match for us is a learning experience and today we made a very big effort against a team like Russia. Our team does not have the experience and we are trying to win one set. Today we were very close of doing it. I can feel we are progressing after every match but our performance today will benefit our confidence very big. It is good for the development of the sport in our country.

On the next match against Argentina: 
Argentina is also a very strong team so it is not going to be different for us. We will go out trying our best and maybe winning one set.

Yury Marichev, Coach of Russia: The team needs to step up and be better in all aspects of the game because we still need to face the other teams. They need to be more serious in matches like this one.

Yana Shcherban, Player of Russia: Today was a great match. We played great today. Cameroon had great defence and attack. We had some problems at the start of the match. We struggled with some mistakes, but eventually we played better as a team.

Laetitia Moma Bassoko, Player of Cameroon: We got so close to getting a win against one of the best teams in the world. We were not far from taking a set from them. At some point, we could not do what we were supposed to do. We were afraid to make mistakes, which is the reason we could not play our game.

We keep our energy from each other because when you look through the eyes of your team-mates and see that they want to win, you immediately get that same energy of winning.
We will keep going this way because our level is going up. We will keep fighting for every point in every game, and if we can win we will do it.


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