Claudino praises the support from local fans


Brazilian Fabiana Claudino is taking part in her fourth Olympic Games

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 6, 2016 –  Fabiana Claudino, who is taking part in her fourth Olympic Games, said having all the fans rooting for the home team Brazil is like having an extra player but admitted that keeping the focus is their main interest now.

Fabiana Claudino, Captain of Brazil: It was amazing to have all the fans rooting for us and I want to thank them for coming to support us. I am really elated about that because they act as an extra player for us. The team of Cameroon has grown over the past few years and our focus was mainly in to put pressure with our serves and establish the tempo of the game. I am glad about the victory and ready for the next match against Argentina.

On playing the Olympics at home:
These are my fourth Olympic Games and I am trying to feel relaxed and have contact with the fans around the court as if they represent all the fans in the stands. It is a great feeling but we have to focus on the games.

Jose Roberto Guimaraes, Coach of Brazil: I was concerned about the anxiety of the team to cause any injury and almost happened in the second set when Sheilla and Fabiana almost collided. We played well in the first and third set and in the second Cameroon showed its evolution, especially players number 2 (Tchoudjang) and number 6 (Moma).

On the team to beat to win the Olympics:
These are my seventh Olympic Games, one as a player and six as a coach. Over the years I have learned that each Olympics are different. I have seen strong teams defeated by teams not that strong. You need to focus on the opponent in front of you. Take game by game and never plan against a specific opponent.

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Christelle Tchoudjang, Captain of Cameroon: Next time we will do better because today we faced one of the strongest teams in the world like Brazil. But you need to take risks if you want to improve. I think we are going to play better the next time.

Jean Rene Anoko, Coach of Cameroon: The girls were a little bit intimidated at the beginning but then they played better in the second set. In the third set we failed in our reception but we are in a process of growth. Our program began four years ago and we are seeing good results. I hope one day we can play the way Brazil is doing now.


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