Antiga credits setter Lomacz for good work


Polish setter Grzegorz Lomacz was praised by his coach Stephane Antiga for a good performance against Argentina

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 11, 2016 – Poland’s coach Stephane Antiga credited setter Grzegorz Lomac for the way he conducted the offence of his team and the distribution of the ball among all the good spikers on the squad.

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Stephane Antiga, Coach of Poland: Argentina and Poland are teams with similar characteristics so they match up very well. Our setter (Grzegorz Lomacz) played a great game a spread the ball out well to all the good spikers we have. The match was much harder than the third set and the good thing is that we were able to maintain the aggressiveness. I am really happy with everything.

Julio Velasco, Coach of Argentina: Poland played a very good match and we need to learn how to play when the opponent is playing like that. They served very well in the first and second set. Floated, Jumping, long and short they served very well. Our service was not good in the first two sets, and they also received well. In the third set we changed some positions and it worked. It was a defeat but we can learn from it. I think in the quarterfinals we can surprise any strong team that plays a little bit under its usual level.

Michal Kubiak, Captain of Poland: The match was harder than what the score can show. We knew it was going to be a difficult match against Argentina. They played amazing in the third set and we played a little bit better.

Luciano de Cecco, Captain of Argentina: It was a match different that the previous two for us. The important thing is to learn from the mistakes. We need to start thinking in our next match. Poland was by far superior in the first two sets. In the third we played better and it showed in the score. We had a very slow start.

Jose Luis Gonzalez, Player of Argentina: In the first and second set we had a really good rhythm going, but it got a little bit difficult afterwards. We lost the game just by that one play, but we want to play at this level in the quarterfinals.

Poland have really good players and they are playing on a very high level. They scored some good points towards the end and they were able to touch our attacks. They were great with their counter-attack.

Julio (Velasco) is an amazing coach, wherever he goes, he does so many magnificent things and he turns his team into a great team. He is doing that with our team and we are working hard to reach that stage. We are learning a lot of things from him.

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