Schmitt: We are not here as tourists


Gavin Schmitt was the top scorer and inspirational leader of Canada in journey to quarterfinals

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 15, 2016 – Gavin Schmitt, whose outstanding play carried Canada team to the quarterfinals of the men’s tournament, said they did not come to Rio 2016 as tourists but to battle for a medal.

Glenn Hoag, Coach of Canada: This victory is like a dream for us. We knew the pool was very tough but I really enjoyed watching my players so focused. I hope we can continue playing like that in the next round. Gavin Schmitt played great today and In have to credit our defence at the net and also in the back row.

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Gavin Schmitt, Player of Canada: We are proving that we didn’t come here as tourists. We are here to play and to battle for one of the medals. This is one of the highlights of my career and we want to continue on this roll the longer we can. It was a do-or-die match, win or go home.

Fred Winters, Captain of Canada: We wanted to win badly and control our destiny that way. We played very well at the important moments. Now we go to the next round and I don’t have any preferred opponent in the quarterfinals.

Gianlorenzo Blengini, Coach of Italy: Canada played great volleyball and we had to think in our situation with some injuries. We tried to win and gave our best effort. Canada blocked very well and played outstanding defence.

Osmany Juantorena, Player of Italy: We played giving our best but it is difficult to keep the intensity when you don’t have anything to gain from a match. Our focus is on the next match against Iran in the quarterfinals in two days. Canada played well and deserve the credit for the victory.

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