FIVB delivers impressive sports presentation masterclass at Rio 2016 Olympic Games


Fans attending an FIVB volleyball or beach volleyball event will come away having felt they have played themselves

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 19, 2016 - FIVB President Dr. Ary Graça today hailed the spectacular beach volleyball and volleyball sports presentation at Rio 2016 which has re-affirmed the sport’s position as the number one family sport entertainment at the Olympic Games. 

Beach volleyball on the iconic Copacabana and volleyball at the historic Maracanãzinho quickly became the signature events of Rio 2016. The sport has received global acclamation for creating the ultimate party atmosphere at the Olympic Games. Fans of all ages and nationalities have been invited to become a part of the spectacle and the FIVB has set the standard for fan engagement at an Olympic Games. Music blasts out between points and the “monster block” and “super spike” segments have become fan favourites uniting everyone together at the venues. 


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The FIVB places high importance on sports presentation, the federation is committed to creating fans instead of spectators and through features such as “monster block”, it is helping to improve fans’ understanding of the game which is facilitating a greater appreciation of the sport and its athletes. The FIVB’s commitment to delivering the ultimate Games-time experience for fans extends beyond the field of play, including a daily carnival bloco which took fans from the Beach Volleyball Arena to the FIVB’s CopaCourts. 

This has been the most technologically advanced Games for the FIVB. As well as improvements to crowd entertainment, the FIVB has also embraced the latest cutting edge technology including tablets for referees and Hawk Eye for the challenge system. The federation is constantly looking for new ways to modernise the sport under President Dr. Ary S. Graça’s visionary leadership and the unparalleled sports presentation showcased at beach volleyball and volleyball encompasses the FIVB’s core principles of universality and innovation. 

FIVB President Dr. Ary Graça said: “Innovation drives our everyday work at the FIVB. We are committed to making volleyball the number one family sport entertainment in the world and Rio 2016 has been an invaluable step in this direction. The spectacular sports presentation at both the Beach Volleyball Arena and Maracanãzinho has helped create the greatest even Olympic beach volleyball and volleyball competitions. Our athletes have always been producing amazing moments in play and now we are also producing amazing moments in the presentation. At Rio we haven’t just created an amazing sporting event; we have also delivered awe-inspiring entertainment which will live long in the memory!”


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