Beach volleyball: Talk of the town in Rio and around the world


The Copacabana beach volleyball venue and its stunning backdrop has made it the 'place to be' during the Games

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 8, 2016 - Beach volleyball has been dominating Olympic coverage around the world as both fans and the media revel in Rio 2016’s biggest beach party on the iconic sands of Copacabana as the sport returns to its spiritual home. 

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Prior to the start of the competition, FIVB President Dr. Ary Graça vowed volleyball would be the number one family sport entertainment at Rio 2016 and beach volleyball is already living up to this expectation.

With the world’s best players competing against the idyllic back drop of Copacabana and thumping party music creating a carnival atmosphere, beach volleyball has rapidly become the place to be seen and the sport to talk about. 

Beach volleyball is celebrating its 20th anniversary on the Olympic programme and since it first appeared at the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games it has gone on to become the must see Olympic sport.
In Rio, beach volleyball will set the standard for fan engagement through its new innovations and narrative of the game, creating a connection that goes beyond the event.  

The FIVB is using the latest cutting edge technology to engage with fans and to improve their understanding of volleyball whilst showcasing the best of the athletes and this is already resonating with fans and the world’s media.


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