Young fans have great volleyball experience


One of the many young kids get treated to the great Rio 2016 Olympic Games volleyball spectacle at Maracanazinho

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 8, 2016 – The Rio 2016 Olympic Games volleyball competition kicked off on August 6 and have already featured so many highlights from the spectacular entertainment and innovation, top-level competition, down to the colourful atmosphere at Maracanazinho.

Among the many spectators that came are families that are certainly enjoying the colourful spectacle in volleyball. The parents and their children are taking part in the lively sport presentation and are enjoying the action on court.

“We are having a great time here at Maracanazinho,” a Japanese mother said. “We are so happy that we can watch Japan. Two days ago, we were also here to watch them play against Korea. It’s really a special moment for me and my son.

“We’ve been living in Brazil for eight months now and volleyball is very much part of life here. We also support the Brazilian team because we love watching them. Of course, Japan will always be our No.1.”

Like many families watching the Olympic Games, they are eager to see as many sports as they can, but volleyball seems to be a family favourite.

“We will try to watch as many sports in the Olympic Games as we can, but we really want to watch our volleyball team. We are really lucky that we got this opportunity to watch the volleyball matches and be able to watch our favourite teams. It’s such a great sport. If my son grows up very tall, of course, it would be nice to have a volleyball player in the family.”


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