Volleyball technology wows former Brazilian stars


 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 12, 2016 – Two notable Brazilian Olympians, Marcelo Negrao and Paulao, were heavily involved in modern volleyball on Friday at the FIVB’s Volleyball House on Atlantic Avenue.

They weren’t back on court or even coaching; they were there to check out the latest innovations in volleyball-related technology.

They enjoyed some fun moments in the virtual reality room, which, through special glasses, takes the viewer deep into the game. 

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“Wow, that's fantastic!” Negrao exclaimed while experiencing the 3D 360º viewer.

Immortalized through the last point in the confrontation with the Netherlands that gave Brazil Olympic gold in Barcelona 1992, Negrao celebrated the advancement of technology in the game. 

“Technology has improved volleyball,” he declared. “In the 1990s, our generation struggled to the end of matches. After the rules were changed, the sport changed. We were strong because our training included 10-km races and four hours in the weights room. Today, the national team has tall and thin players because the preparation, with the help of technological tools, is quite different.”

The two former stars are in their third Olympics as TV commentators, something they love to do.

“There's no mystery,” Paulao said. “We say what we see. And with technological features like the Challenge system, the information we are able to give is more complete. Everything is more professional and this attracts more viewers.”

The former athletes also viewed the photographic murals in the Volleyball House, which brought back many memories.

“We never imagined seeing such a tribute to the sport to which we have dedicated our lives,” said Negrao. 

We’ll be back, they promised.


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