Volleyball House and #CopaCourts reach dizzy new heights


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 11, 2016 - The Volleyball House and CopaCourts reached dizzy new heights today when bossaball took over Copacabana Beach and wowed the crowds with high flying volleyball skills which would have impressed Volleyball House attendee Mireya Luis who was known for her spectacular jumping power during her volleyball playing days.

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The giant inflatable bossaball court on Copacabana will be a part of the FIVB’s CopaCourts for the next few days with an international tournament taking place, providing a chance to celebrate the unique and fun ways that volleyball can be played.   Bossaball players from around the world grabbed the attention of beach goers with impressive aerobatic skills that Mireya would have been proud of.

Mireya, a three time Olympic gold medal winner from Cuba, earned numerous accolades throughout her career including “best scorer” and “best player” at competitions but it was her jumping prowess that she was well-known for.  Mireya put old rivalries aside when she met with former Brazilian volleyball player Virna Dias at the FIVB Volleyball House today.  Mireya and Virna were two of the best volleyball players in the 1990s competing for opposing teams, but 20 years on at the Volleyball House, friendship overcame past rivalry.

Among the other athletes who visited the House today were Italian former volleyball player Maurizia Cacciatori, former Brazilian beach volleyball player Oscar Brandão and former volleyball player and coach Giovane Gávio from Brazil who made the most of the House’s entertainment.

The Volleyball House also welcomed history makers Doaa Elghobashy and Nada Meawad who took time out from their new found fame to take selfies with fans and play an exhibition match on the FIVB’s CopaCourts.  On Sunday, they became Egypt’s first ever team to compete in the Olympic beach volleyball tournament; it also marked the first time a hijab has been worn by an Olympic beach volleyball player with the subsequent images being hailed as the most iconic of Rio 2016.

Keeping up with the FIVB Volleyball House’s tradition of attracting star names, Brazilian actor Thiago Lacerda and his actress wife Vanessa Lóes dropped by to meet with FIVB President Dr. Ary Graça during another busy day for the FIVB’s high flying House. 


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