VIDEO: Beach volleyball legend Randy Stoklos joins #CopaCourts fun


Randy Stoklos joins in the fun at Copacabana Beach

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 11, 2016 - Beach volleyball legend Randy Stoklos was joined by volleyball greats at the FIVB's showcase Copa Courts on Copacabana Beach including former Olympic gold medallists Mauricio Lima of Brazil and Vladimir Grbic of Serbia.

Stoklos said: "Since its inception in 1996 [at the Atlanta Olympics], beach volleyball has been the number one sold-out sport and going to a venue like this on a beach which is so iconic, to beaches around the world, I had to be back. I needed to be here, a part of it, the excitement, the enthusiasm. We play games all day long, the sessions go on until midnight, the temperatures are just absolutely perfect, and the excitement and the crowd are like no other." 

The #CopaCourts on Copacabana are open to the public throughout the duration of the Games and were set up as part of the FIVB's commitment to promoting volleyball to a growing audience worldwide. 

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