VIDEO - Volleyball House opens its doors


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 6, 2016 – The opening of the Volleyball House was a momentous occasion, marking the first time the FIVB have had a physical venue at any Olympic Games.

The FIVB’s first dedicated House at an Olympic Games is a short walk from the Olympic Beach Volleyball venue, which is set to draw in some big spectator numbers during the Olympics. 

“It is clear that the intention of the FIVB is to leave a legacy,” FIVB President Dr Ary S Graça F° added. “It is not enough to show off our idols, our heroes. We have to leave something for the city. We are doing just that.”

The Volleyball House infrastructure will be an important part of the sport’s legacy following the 2016 Olympic Games. Using a local school as its headquarters, the Volleyball House renovations and upgrades will serve its students well when the new school term begins at the end of August.


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