Stoklos on set with The Today Show


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 10, 2016 – Five-time beach volleyball world champion Randy Stoklos has been a regular feature at the FIVB’s Copa Courts, but took time out from playing to speak to NBC’s Today Show on Tuesday.

The former US star – considered one of the sport’s most iconic idols along with the man he won all five of his world titles with, Sinjin Smith – spoke to the show, whose coverage of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and everything around it is keeping fans in America up-to-speed.

Stoklos will continue to feature at the Copa Courts for part of the Games along with several other former and current players.

Tuesday also saw Stoklos and many other former volleyball legends try their hand at sitting volleyball on the courts, one of many different disciplines and forms of the sport on show at the Copa Courts.


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