Samba sensation on Copacabana


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 13, 2016 – With Copacabana considered the home of beach volleyball, it is little surprise that visitors to the iconic beach are soaking up the unique atmosphere the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is offering. Add samba and the bloco party to the mix, and it is a recipe for good times.

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The bloco, leading fans and passers-by from the beach volleyball venue to the Volleyball House just a few hundred metres up the beach, is certainly turning heads, with locals happy to see people from all over the world getting involved.

“I joined in the bloco for a little while, it was really nice,” said Aldo.

“We’re interacting here with people from around the world. It is great,” added Vinicius

And although the weather has not always been sunny in Rio over the first week of Olympic action, the sun has shone brightly on the party from the courts to the House on almost every occasion.

“Volleyball, beach volleyball, wonderful sunshine. Everything is beautiful,” concluded bloco-party participant Joao Luis.


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