Dads enjoy Father’s Day in true Olympic style


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 14, 2016 - Brazilian dads looking for a special way to enjoy Father’s Day this year found the sands of the Copa Courts in Copacabana, a great location to spend some quality time with their children. 

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Copa Courts

Located just a short walk from the beach volleyball venue, the Copa Courts have been providing children, adults and families the opportunity to enjoy beach volleyball activities in the presence of top athletes such as USA’s five time World Championship winner Randy Stoklos, the 2013 beach volleyball world champion from China, Chen Xue, and former volleyball Olympic gold medalist from Serbia, Vladimir Grbic.  

One of the dads on the beach today was teacher Miguel Ângelo, 39, from São Paulo, who was there with his children Arthur, 7, and Catherine, 5.

“Beach volleyball in Rio is a must-see programme in the Olympics. I found about the Copa Courts yesterday when I was walking by and I saw the Volleyball House. My children are active in sports at school and I brought them here to see the champions,” said Angelo who spent his time playing and helping his daughter take selfies Chinese athlete Chen Xue.  

Fernando Cardoso, 40, local businessman and former amateur volleyball player, also came to spend the festive day at the beach with his 10-year-old daughter, Bruna. “My daughter swims, but also enjoys volleyball,” he said. “She has asked me to register her in a club since a friend started coaching volleyball”.

The Copa Courts have experienced tremendous success since the start of the Olympics, with hundreds of people flocking there everyday to take in the exhibition matches held by the legends of the game and to experience unique styles of playing the sport such as Bossaball. 

Visitors to the Copa Courts have also had the opportunity to view a night match highlighting the LED net technology. Osvaldo Correia Neto, 35 years, businessman from São Paulo came by the Copa courts to play a match with his son Raul Vitor, 8. 

“I really like volleyball and I am glad that Raul is excited to play it. As soon as we come back home, I will look for a club for Raul Vitor to coach volleyball”, promised Neto. 

Visitors to the Copa Courts today were as young as three, with small Kaique, not really understand what was happening. 

Kaique was brought to the beach by his grandfather Fernando Santana de Souza, 53 a veteran beach football player: “My son José Carlos is on duty this weekend, so I am with my grandchild. I like all sports and I support Brazil. In this Olympics, the top teams are the Brazilian women. Football and volleyball are going to give us medals”.


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