Back to school for Volleyball House


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, September 5, 2016 – The end of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games might have seen the end of the Volleyball House on Copacabana Beach, however it has since been transformed once again to welcome the building’s regular occupants; the students of the Cicero Penna School – leaving a legacy for the school children.

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Almost 500 children have returned to the school just a month after the House was opened which has been refurbished by the FIVB to leave a social legacy for Rio de Janeiro. 

The refurbishment included the installation of wireless internet, upgrades to the furniture, repainting of the interior of the building as well as the volleyball court, a new fence as well as over 3,000 Reals ($900) of new books.

Students will continue to attend the school knowing that their school welcomed some of volleyball’s top players and personalities in one of the most successful initiatives at the Olympics.

A lucky handful were at the Volleyball House during the Games. Two students attended the opening day, with several more on hand at the FIVB Athletes’ Commission announcement. 

Luiza, one of the students who visited the Volleyball House, said she was thrilled to see her drawing on a panel in the third floor. 

Drag the middle bar to see the before and after effect

“I was with my mother looking at the pictures when I saw that mine had been chosen to be exposed,” she explained. “I showed my Mum and she did not believe until she saw my name signed.”

School director Ana Maria dos Prazeres was also thrilled. 

"Our story began with a legacy, because this house was the palace of pediatrician Cicero Penna, who donated to the government to host a care center,”  she said. “Now the FIVB did this magnificent work."


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