Dalhausser and Lucena pushed hard by Italian young guns

Rio de Janeiro, August 11, 2016 – USA’s Phil Dalhausser and Nick Lucena topped their pool after their third win at the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games with a 2-1 (21-13, 17-21, 24-22) victory over Italy Paolo Nicolai and Daniele Lupo at Copacabana Beach Arena on Thursday. 

Here’s what they said after the match…

Nick Lucena, USA
“It's not too often when you can be a part of a game like that. You are in the 20s in the third set. We were just going back and forth. It's pretty fun.

“It's always a good feeling when you win, especially a close match like that. I thought it was entertaining for the fans and I think it's good for us.”

“It was a good test and that's what we wanted. They're a top five team in the world, European champs. They're the future of this sport.

“They're in their young twenties. They're a really great team. We are fortunate enough to beat them and hopefully be able to face them again later in the tournament.”

Paolo Nicolai, Italy
“It was not enough, it certainly was a great match to watch, unfortunately we wanted to win it.”


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