Austrian duo keep themselves in contention

Rio de Janeiro, August 8, 2016 – Alexander Huber and Robin Seidl made up for their opening loss at the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games when they beat USA’s Jacob Gibb and Casey Patterson 2-0 (21-18, 21-18) at the Copacabana Beach Arena on Monday. 

Here’s what they said after the match…

Alexander Huber, Austria
“It was good. We knew this would be a tough match and a hard fight against them, but I didn’t think we’d win it in two or they’d win it in two. I thought it would be three sets for sure. We executed very well today and that brought us the win.

“We will treat it like any other game and not just think of it as the Olympics. Then try to be as focused and concentrated as today.”

Robin Seidl, Austria
“We had to score a lot of points and a win is much better, but there is one game left and everyone has one win and it will come down to the end.”

Jacob Gibb, USA
“We are going to be fine. We’ll talk the coach and dial it in, that’s what this sport is all about. There are very few tournaments that we’ve won when we haven’t lost a match. 

“We’ll be ready for Spain (Pablo Herrera and Adrian Gavira).  There’s a lot of tournament left.”


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