Drawing of lots


The drawing of lots for Beach Volleyball at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games were held in Gstaad, Switzerland on Saturday, July 9 2016, in the evening after the conclusion of the afternoon matches at the Gstaad Major.

With 22 of the 24 berths in each gender’s competition already filled for the August 6-18 Rio Olympic competition, the final two men’s and women’s berth will be determined on Sunday at the FIVB Continental Cup Finals in Russia where the matches began Thursday, July 7 in Sochi, Russia.

Women's Draw

Men's Draw

Drawing of Lots Regulations

The teams are seeded based, in priority, on the Olympic ranking as of 13 June 2016 (for 15 NOCs/NFs as per Olympic ranking, 1 NOC/NF qualified through 2015 FIVB Beach Volleyball Senior World Championships and 1 Host Country place), Beach Volleyball Continental Cup Final results and the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Continental Cup Olympic Qualification results. 

The best host country team is seeded no.1 in the seeding if they are one of the top six pairs in the Olympic ranking. The 2nd best host country team is seeded without any special seeding. Teams from the same country are never drawn into the same pool. If they are drawn into the same pool then a draw is redone either by immediately drawing another team (if possible) or by backing the draw up and redrawing if there is no choice.

  • Draw 1 will determine the teams to be seeded from 7 to 9 in pools F, E and D;
  • Draw 2 will determine the teams to be seeded from 10 to 12 in pools C, B and A;
  • Draw 3 will determine the teams to be seeded from 13 to 17 in pools A, B, C, D and E;
  • Draw 4 will determine the team to be seeded 18 and placed in pool F;
  • Draw 5 will determine the teams to be seeded 19 to 22 and placed in pools F, E, D and C;
  • Draw 6 will determine the team to be seeded 23 to 24 and placed in pool B and A.
Pool A  Pool B Pool C Pool D Pool E Pool F
 Seed 1  Seed 2  Seed 3 
 Seed 4
 Seed 5
 Seed 6
 Draw 2 – Seeds 10–12 Draw 1 – Seeds 7–9
 Draw 3 – Seeds 13–17 Draw 4 - Seed 18, from the five (5) Continental Cup Final winners
Draw 6 – Seeds 23- 24, between the 2 winners from World Continental cup Olympic Qualification Draw 5 – Seeds 19 to 22 between the remaining 4 winners from Continental Cup Final winners.

More details can be found here

Event Schedule

Saturday, July 9, 2016 - relive the draw on   Facebook Icon

Time Activity
19.30 Duo Höch obe 
Official door opening
20.00 Official Welcome
20.05 Welcome Speech by Mr. Jörg Schild, President of Swiss Olympic Committee
History of Beach Volleyball of Olympic Games
20.15 Welcome Speech by Mr. Fabio Azevedo, FIVB Director General
Olympic Games RIO2016
Explanation of Drawing by Mr. Angelo Squeo, FIVB Beach Volleyball Events Director
20.30 Drawing Women performed by Mr. Patrick Küng, World championship leader Ski Alpin Downhill 2015
20.40 Alphorn Trio Lunar
 20.45 Drawing Men performed by Mr. Julius Brink, Olympic Champion London 2012
Confirm Drawing of Lots by Mr. Angelo Squeo, FIVB Beach Volleyball Events
21.00 Duo Höch obe
Closing speech by Mr. Albert Bach, Major of Saanen


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